Healthy Space

Woodstock, Illinois

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials

Project Description

The Clinic provides healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured of McHenry County, Illinois through volunteer physicians and a small paid staff.

The Clinic has outgrown its current facility in Woodstock, Illinois. It is located in a 1950's era physician office with narrow hallways and linear design. Hallways get crowded when more than one physician is volunteering, and medications/lab supplies are not readily accessible.

The Clinic may have the opportunity to obtain additional space in the current building within the next 6-8 months. Because the building is designed using parallel hallways and corridors, patient flow is inhibited if trying to use more than one hallway. Additionally, supplies and labs need to be centralized and employee friendly. The space needs to be focused on the patient and should be designed with them in mind. The entire clinical area needs to feel connected and unified, as nurses and interpreters move from room to room.

We would like to begin some preliminary design work as well as some capital campaign planning so that we will be ready if the neighboring tenants vacate. The Clinic has a strong track record of fundraising, and is supported by the community rather than government sources. Our overall goal is to create a space so that dignity for the patient and efficiency of the staff and volunteers is woven throughout.

We would like to begin the design as soon as possible. Notification of the availability of the additional space will come within a few months at the latest.