Help BELL Embody its Brand

Dorchester, Massachusetts

Design Disciplines Needed
Interior Design

Desired Services
Interior Design & Brand Integration

Project Description

BELL has just completed a rebranding project and released a new logo and website, along with new brand statements. BELL is a national organization with its headquarters in an old, brick brewery located in Dorchester, MA--an office that frequently hosts board meetings and important partners and funders. It is crucial that our office space represents the great work we do with children across the country, and that it is a welcoming place for guests and employees.

BELL also has permanent offices in New York and Baltimore. Our Dorchester, MA facility has roughly 9,000 sq ft; NYC has 8,000 sq ft; and Baltimore has 3,000 sq ft. The idea would be to create a look and feel in the Dorchester headquarters that can be replicated in our other regional offices. BELL offices can have 45 employees and up to 25 visitors per day, with many external partners and parents visiting the office. It is important that BELL visitors get a true sense of BELL's mission the minute they walk in the door, and that is currently not the case. Thus, the entryway and front desk is a crucial point of design for this project. We want to incorporate the new BELL colors and emit a sense of "fun" and "learning."

Additionally, to ensure the success of BELL's new branding campaign, BELL staff members must embrace the new look and feel of BELL. We want employees to "feel" BELL around them while at work by integrating BELL's brand into the workspace. BELL's brand personality emits smart, fun, dynamic, collaborative, can-do, resourceful, and trustworthy attributes. There is a sense of confidence, determination, and respect. The BELL brand promise is that "Children will excel", and we want to see that in our office space.

BELL is seeking the assistance of an interior design professional to make recommendations about how BELL can use its new brand to breathe new life into BELL's headquarters.

BELL wishes to begin the project as soon as possible, but no later than the end of 2010. Once started, BELL hopes to be completed within a two month period.