Operation Blank Canvas

Chicago, Illinois

Design Disciplines Needed
Interior Design

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials,Interior Design & Brand Integration

Project Description

The American Lung Association in Greater Chicago moved to downtown offices about three years ago. It's a beautiful space with a gorgeous view but the walls are WHITE and look the same as the day we moved in. There's virtually no decorations and you could accurately describe our space as "sterile". We do great work with the community and want our inside to be as vibrant and exciting as the work we do on the outside! As we establish ourselves in the Chicago market, we bring more and more community groups to our offices and we want them to feel welcome. Please help!

Our space has 8 offices with doors, about 10 cubes, a front reception area, conference room we call "the fish bowl" as one wall is all glass, and a back meeting room with a view of the city.

We have 11 employees.