The Growth of CoachArt

Los Angeles, California

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

CoachArt's offices were originally designed for 4 people. Even after adding office space to accommodate a new Executive Director, the organization continued to grow. Currently, there are 8-10 people working out of the CoachArt office at any given time and the need -- and growth to 12-15 bodies is evident. We need help revamping the space we have to accommodate the growth. Additionally, we'd like to have furniture that's more ergonomically fit to assure that our employees stay in a healthy environment. Our office has 4 "office space" areas. One of those areas houses 2 people and they need more privacy in terms of being able to speak on the phone BUT, they also need to speak with each other so don't want to make it sequestered offices. The other space is open and airy but on opposites sides of the space. Both open spaces are used for conference space. Thoughts are to add a "bull-pin" type area in the conference space area and house 4 - 6 employees in what now is an "open conference area space." We hope to do this with strategic cubicle placement however, we love the open air atmosphere that we have. CoachArt employees spend a lot of time on the phone and need quiet space but, we hate being alone in our space.

We currently are working at capacity and are expecting three additional employees within the next 2 weeks. Yes, this is an urgent request. We need help now but we're open to working within a designer's time frame because we have no idea what we're doing! Would like to have done before June, 2010. Preferably during the month of May.