KIPP LA Elementary School

Los Angeles, California

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About KIPP Raíces Academy

KIPP Raíces Academy is a tuition-free public charter elementary school located in East Los Angeles. Founded in summer 2008, KIPP Raíces currently serves 200 kindergartners and first graders. One grade will be added each year until the school reaches capacity in 2012 with 500 students in grades K to four.
KIPP Raíces is part of the renowned national KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) network of 82 high-performing schools in 19 states and DC. The school is operated by KIPP LA Schools, a charter school management organization that operates two other KIPP schools in Los Angeles.

The mission of KIPP Raíces is to teach the knowledge and skills, nurture the confidence and character, and inspire the passion needed for students to achieve their goals, excel in the competitive world, and positively impact the community through excellence in thought and action. The school's guiding values are love, honor, integrity, and excellence.

KIPP Raíces offers students, also known as "Achievers", a rigorous instructional program designed to build the necessary foundation that will ensure their success in the future.

The program nurtures well-rounded critical thinkers who love learning, and at the same time enables them to master the California content standards. KIPP Raíces Achievers are not only excellent academic achievers in reading and mathematics; they are artists, scientists, authors, athletes, and agents of change.

Currently, ninety-eight percent of students are Hispanic/Latino and two percent are African American. Eighty-nine percent of students qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program.

Our Proposal
Our proposal is to convert an existing commercial building into a 500-student elementary school. Through the adaptive-reuse of a 21,000 square foot (+ mezzanine space) building, we intend to develop a program consisting of 24 classrooms (minimum), a 2,500 square foot multi-purpose room, administrative space, faculty and student bathrooms, and a rooftop playground.

We need assistance for pre-development services. At this point, we have access to AutoCad drawings of the existing premises and need assistance developing a floorplan. Here is our proposed project timeline: Acquisition: December 2009 Schematic Design: December 2009 Site Plan Submittal: January 2010 Construction Drawing Submittal: March 2010 Building Permits: April 2010