Cancer Patient Kathy's House (Kitchen and Bathroom +) Remodeling Dream

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Desired Services
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Project Description

The Forgotten Dreams Foundation grants the dreams of adults with life-threatening (and terminal) medical conditions to give them a reason to look forward to look forward to the sun rising on another day.

Kathy is the second dream recipient for the new and growing nonprofit.

Kathy has stage 4 cancer in her bones, spine, and breasts. Not only is she a cancer patient, but also a wife and mother. Doctors don't know if she'll be alive long enough to see her only daughter get married in June 2009. Kathy always puts others ahead of herself, from taking care of her husband, who is a recent colon cancer survivor, to helping her daughter plan the wedding. She deserves to have something wonderful for herself in her limited remaining time.

Kathy's only dream is to have her kitchen and bathroom remodeled, so that she can have a home to be proud of as guests pour in for her daughter's wedding.

Weire looking for an architect who could help design the remodel and make linkages to contractors and suppliers who might donate their time and materials to the project.

Kathy's daughter is getting married in June so prior to June is preferred. Also, due to her cancer, time is of the essense...the sooner the better.