NormRose Believe Academy

San Bernardino, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental

Desired Services
We would like to say THANK YOU for considering assisting us with the transformation of Lowe's into an educational setting. We humbly appreciate your reading our profile and request:-) As stated, I have been given ALL of the original plans from the architect/engineer firm. We are humbly grateful for your assistance. Blessings We are looking for an architect/engineer to redesign the Lowe building into an academic facility. We currently have 'ALL the engineering/architect plans for the Lowe's building, therefore we need them to be reconfigured into an educational two story setting. We have written in detail the classroom settings, and other rooms that would accommodate the students. Our timeline for this project to be completed and have an opening school day for August 2020 We would like to obtain assist with the outside Landscaping design as well. Our desire is to make the building inviting, educational and simply breath-taking upon entering the academy. Our Mascot is an Eagle School colors are: Purple & Gold & Gray School Insigna: Believe Five Pillars: BELIEVE, FAITH, ACHIEVER, RESILIENCE, DETERMINATION

Project Description

The Project plan is within the City of San Bernardino, California. The Board Members of NormRose Believe Academy (herein referred to as NRBA) selected to revamp a nine-year-old vacant Lowe’s building into a two-story educational facility. Currently San Bernardino City Unified School district student enrollment is 53,000 students, with 8,000 African American students. Due to a poverty-stricken environment, seventy-five percent of the African American students are performing below basic to far below basic, and failing the collegiate entrance requirements that are needed to qualify for post high school education.

NormRose Believe Academy (NRBA) co-exist with The Mills Korner (TMK) is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational, not-for-profit 501(c)3 college preparatory school serving students from k-12 grades. It is a warm, welcoming community wherein children with behavioral and learning differences discover their strengths and be educated to their full learning potential.

At NormRose Believe Academy, we incorporate love, kindness, compassion, and warmth towards every student to ensure each pupil is taught an applied arts and college preparatory curriculum.

Patriotic Exercises
NRBA daily patriotic exercise is done within the first 15 minutes of the start of class time. All students are expected to observe this portion of the day's schedule respectfully. A student who conscientiously objects to saluting the flag or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag must stand, but must quietly allow the participation of others without interruption.

School Description
Our academy offers a blend of academics, applied arts, vocational courses (wood shop, mental shop, wielding, plumbing, electrical, sewing, coding, dance, cheer and firefighter training), athletics, and therapy to children in grades K – 5th, 6th – 8th, and 9th -12th who have social, emotional, and behavioral issues that are unable to learn in a traditional school setting. We contract with school districts in the surrounding cities who students need a Non-public independent setting. Transportation of students, funding and referrals to our academy is provided by the school districts in which the pupil reside. We are a team of dedicated individuals with the goal of providing caring, comprehensive educational services with a commitment to a collaborative eclectic approach that will allow our students to obtain a post high school education!

NRBA provides an intensive educational program developed for students that will enable them to perform at or above the state test examination. However, entrance assessment results identify key behaviors interfering with learning and general adaptive functioning, individual learning styles and preferences which are used to develop individualized education plans and behavior intervention plans for student success. While our goals are to progress the student to learn in a large group setting the average classroom ratio range from 10:1 in K-5th; 15:1 6th – 8th; 20:1 9th – 12th, allowing for intensive instruction as well as small and large group work across functional environments throughout the school day.

The educational program is behaviorally based to address each individual through comprehensive programming. Our program structure may be visualized as a pyramid which allows us to treat the “whole” child, taking into consideration physical needs, relational/social emotional skills, formal communication skills, pre-requisite and advanced learning and academic skills.

NRBA program addresses the needs of academics, independent living skills, arts, athletic, communication and socializations skills, community integration and physical education. The school offers an intensive reading and math programs, Rational Emotional Behavior therapy, speech/language therapy, and occupational therapy as well as daily exercise.

We provide teaching and support to enable our students to be as independent as possible in their educational learning environment. Our mission statement is to teach children who have behavioral and learning differences discover their strengths and be educated to their full learning potential with the support using intensive reading comprehension and hands on math programs.


Scharley design team did an excellent with assisting us to redesign the land/buildings. The design/architect team was efficient and I would recommend them to any pro-bono agency that needs an architect design team. They provided excellent, quality work and was very easy and accommodating to work with. On behalf of NormRose Believe Academy we’re very thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity our to worm with them.

With the transformation of the Lowes building into an educational setting, we will bring revenue to the City of San Bernardino, and notoriety to the school district of student’s educational performance improvement. Our San Bernardino Constituents via meetings have expressed excitement and anticipation about NormRose Believe Academy joining SBCUSD as a partnership to educate the low performing children/students within the city.

NRBA founder is very passionate, about educating those students that are underrepresented and deemed at-risk. We LOVE working and educating children to succeed at and above their capacity! We will offer a SAFE place for students to be educated with an eclectic learning foundation of academics and hands on skill building.

NRBA specialty is assisting students in k-5th, 6th – 8th, 9th-12th grades that are unable to function within the traditional school setting by offering a private non-public education that incorporates a hands-on character-building A-Beka curriculum. Through this learning style students are able to easily digest a challenging form of learning that will produce confidence in learning and succeeding.

With over 50+ years of teaching and counseling psychology experience, the Academy’s Head Master and Administrator has meticulously created innovated ways to interact with parents/guardians as well. To create a partnership with the parents it is “mandatory” that families attend a monthly brunch with The Head Master. This will allow for families to obtain the knowledge and skills in how to interact with their student in a nurturing way to ensure their child achieve full potential.

What phenomenally coexist with NRBA is the offering of The Mills Korner mandatory after school tutorial program. To ensure students are performing at basic to proficient educational skill level in their academics, The Mills Korner is an extension to their class schedule.

As noted in our parent/student handbook we institute the pledge of allegiance at the start of the day, mandatory tutorial class at the end of the day, wood/metal shop skilled courses, home economics/sewing, applied art electives in addition to A-G college readiness courses, and mandatory after school sport enrollment. These offerings allow for the student to have the most elemental life skills.