Office Redesign

Walnut Creek, California

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

Our non-profit orgranization was founded in 1984 and serves to unite the Fragile X community by enriching lives through educational and emotional support, promoting public and professional awareness, and
advancing research toward improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X.
The Foundation provides free information, referrals, and support through our website, toll-free phone, email and professional quarterly journal. We also coordinate a consortium of treatment clinics (FXCRC) around the US to coordinate & improve best practices, disseminate and faciliatate upcoming drug trials for treatment & an ultimate cure for FX.
We recently received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control to support the FXCRC including a new staff position.

We have been in this office location for seven years and have moved three times to accomodate our growth. We are not in a postiion to undertake another move but will be challenged to physically accomodate another staff member. We currently have work spaces for 7 staff and storage for a large quantity of collateral material but the office space is poorly designed and relies on inefficient office furniture cobbled together over the years. Lack of privacy & noise issues also contribute to a less than productive work environment.

We need to add two new staff within the the next two months, but can be flexible with the timeline. Both positions can be accomodated on an interim basis (sharing desks/computers, etc) but this is not an ideal long-term solution.