The Sanctuary

Redmond, Washington

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials,Building & Space Identification,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Accessibility & Code Compliance,Healthy & Sustainable Environments,Not Sure

Project Description

Best Little Rabbit Rodent Ferret House runs a shelter and sanctuary for rescued rabbits and small animals. We wish to build a safe, comfortable, sustainable facility to serve these defenseless animals.

The "Sanctuary" is comprised of 4.52 acres on Union Hill in Redmond, WA with 2 trailers, and some fenced areas. One trailer serves as our adoption and boarding facility. The Sanctuary Caretaker lives in the other trailer. There is also an old detached garage which houses permanent resident bunnies. Outside in the fenced area are the feral rabbits. These rabbits were relocated from public parks, business parks, campgrounds, etc. The current situation is not ideal.

At this time our idea is to build numerous 200 sq ft buildings, and connect them via small canopies or breezways. In King County there is no permit needed for 200 sq ft structures so it seems that it would be less expensive and easier to achieve this goal. But, we are very open to other ideas. Each building would be designated for specific needs of the occupants and would serve to educate the public as to how these animals can live with their humans. The feral rabbits would also need some kind of rebuilt area outside with some shelters from climate, protection from predators, and ideally a more pleasant habitat.

Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret House is supported by money from sales and services offered at our shelter, and by public donations.

As soon as possible.