Odyssey World Community Center

Spokane, Washington

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment

Project Description

Our organization, Odyssey World International Education Services is focusing its efforts into building a community resource center in Nyhururu, Kenya. This community center would provide the following services:
Job Skills classes: Interviewing skills, resume writing, English literacy, and computer literacy
Health classes: STD awareness, Family planning, nutrition
Clothes Donation center, Career Resource Library, and Disabled children's resource and assistance center. We have numerous volunteers ready to teach the classes, we have a warehouses and a storage facility full of clothes, wheelchairs, and textbooks along with truckers ready to transport these items to a dock to ship to Kenya, yet we don't have a building in Nyahururu Kenya to ship these items to and hold these classes in. We need to have the community center built, but that takes more money than we currently possess. So we are working together with professional grant writers to prepare proposals to send to potential funders. However, we need to have a facility needs assessment in order to know how much money to ask for from potential grant sources. So we need your assistance. We've already been to Kenya and have experience in working with local childrens' homes in Nyahururu and Naroq. In addition, the VP of our organization is from a town near Nyahururu and has been back to speak with community leaders and research land prices, but we are coming to you to seek your help with providing some cost estimates to include in our proposals to different grantors in order to obtain funds that could fully support the building and designing aspect of our project.

We need the facility needs assessment for our project in order to gain insight into the costs of building our center as soon as it is possible so that we may get our proposals out soon. We are uncertain on what is an appropriate amount of time to do a facility assessment, though and are open to your input.