Housing Resource Center

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials,Building & Space Identification,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Healthy & Sustainable Environments

Project Description

The Nantucket Housing Office will construct a building for a Housing Resource Center plus two apartments. Combined, the project will create a visible, community space for affordable housing as well as two rental units for Nantucket families. This project is significant for the NHO, as well as the community, as the project will eliminate rent from the Housing Office's operating budget and add rental income to our balance sheet.

Plans are for a two story building with the Housing Resource Center on the first floor and the two rental units on the second floor. The Housing Resource Center will possibly include an entry porch, a reception area, four offices, one of which will be a community resource office, and an education/ conference room. A basement or garage will contain the property management aspects of the NHO. The plans for the two affordable units are two-bedroom, one bathroom apartments each having a small private deck.

The goal of the project will be to design a project

This project currently has about half of the proejcted funding in place for survey work to the site and for the construction of the affordable units. The remainder will be raised through a capital campaign.

The survey is underway and a group of board members are discussing methods for construction. The organization would like to be as green as possible in the design.

Design and engineering would hopefully be completed in the summer of 2008 and construction begun shortly after. However, construction may be held up by various survey and subdivision problems.