Philadelphia Sportseum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design

Desired Services
We are looking for help in creating the vision for what a world class sports history museum would look like for Philadelphia. We would like to see an intelligently designed exterior, and exciting, visitor-friendly internal spaces. It would be wonderful to have various design choices budgeted out - to help with capital campaigns and big-ticket donor solicitation. As a currently all-volunteer organization any and all professional consulting on structuring a project like this would be a welcome addition.

Project Description

The ultimate goal of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame is a permanent, interactive, state-of-the art sports museum and entertainment venue in the Philadelphia-area. This unique destination and attraction will offer amenities for sports fans of all ages, from the old-timer who wants to re-live childhood memories, to the youngster batting in a virtual home-run derby.

With an all-sports, all-levels mandate, a broad-based approach is a fundamental concept of the Hall. As with all Hall of Fame activities, the museum effort will strive for a multi-level, inclusive appeal. From high-end corporate partners to everyday fans, opportunities are available to participate in various aspects of the initiative. The breadth and depth of the Hall's appeal applies to funding museum exhibits, amenities and even admission fees.

With Philadelphia's sports history dating to the mid 1800's, a "classic" museum area is a major feature. It includes displays from the most extensive and unique collection of Philadelphia sports artifacts, memorabilia and architectural items. Exhibits will include themed displays, dioramas, video capture for unique photo opportunities and architectural pieces integral to the design of the building.

Using the latest technology and entertainment concepts, the museum will also have a distinctly 21st century flavor. Elements of this include an interactive timeline of Philadelphia sports, digital photo opportunities and an electronic media center where visitors can view or listen to old game broadcasts, television shows, audio, tapes and films. Participatory features include virtual reality, sports simulation areas and the ability to electronically browse through thousands of pages of old programs, newspapers, scorecards, magazines and books.