Walnut Park

Portland, Oregon
Project Description

Walnut Park is a feasibility study that looks at the potential to redevelop and/or improve on a two-part parcel of land currently owned and facilitated by Multnomah County of Portland, Oregon. The feasibility study models the economic potential of an improved site through economic forecasting, financial planning, and architectural modeling played out through the lens of a public/private developer partnership and collaboration between the county and local private developer, BICEP. The site is in N/NE Portland which is an area that has recently been designated as the city’s SOUL district, in response to the African-American population that has historically resided in the district.

The long-term intention of the project is to develop a model for multiple public and private stakeholders to join with other sponsors to develop and operate a district food and maker market, arts and technology center, workforce training that is considerate of equity and diversity, and to provide improved facilities for the current county programs such as low income dental and health centers. Additionally, the project addresses the possibility of a live-work scenario with on site, low income housing to serve area seniors, families, and the homeless population.