SF Village office relocation - an innovative opportunity

San Francisco, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design

Desired Services
We need a conceptual architectural design that will demonstrate how this space can be converted from the café storage room into a lively light-filled gathering space and office for staff and members alike.

Project Description

San Francisco Village (SFV), a nonprofit membership organization that connects older San Franciscans to the community, programming and expertise they need to continue living lives of purpose and promise, requires a new home. SFV is currently renting space at the Institute on Aging and will need to move by March 1, 2017. A number of options are under consideration, including a co-location at Cup and Cake Café on Geary Blvd. near Jordan. Approximately 1200 square feet in the rear of the café is available for a sub-lease, however, the space is in need of significant renovation. This would include an ADA compliant bathroom, reconfiguration of walls, sources of natural light, window and door replacement, and an improved entryway.

The space will need to accommodate five staff members and community space for member activities. Typically, groups of 10-25 members convene for classes, discussion groups, etc. We would like the community space to be as flexible as possible.


More than a year ago, we ended our relationships with the site owner for a variety of reasons, some of which are mentioned above. We then found a different site, more well-suited to our needs, and obtained architectural services from a different source. I very much appreciate the services of One Plus Public Architecture. Obtaining architectural services from you was a great experience. I hope that other non profit organizations benefit from your organization as much as we did. This concludes my update on this closed project.

UPDATE as of March 10, 2017: San Francisco Village (SFV) received the services of Raveevarn (Ravee) Choksombatchai, the principal architect of VeeV Design. Our dream was to have SFV co-located with a café in the spirit of the successful and popular Mathers Lifeways Cafés in Chicago. However, after much consideration of placing SFV at the rear of the Cup & Cake Café on Geary Boulevard, we decided, for a number of reasons, to look elsewhere for a new home.

Ravee’s designs, demonstrating how the 1,200 square feet of space in the back of the café could be effectively used, and integrated with the café, were exciting and innovative. However, when we got preliminary price estimates for the proposed renovation, it was more than we or the café owner could undertake, and would require a longer disruption than anticipated. We also realized that SFV will require more than 1,200 square feet of space for its staff offices and member activities, especially as we grow to serve more members in the future.

We settled on a different location in San Francisco that will provide 2,500 square feet of space for SFV. This will give us ample room for current and future staff, substantial member programming, and even a member living room and kitchen so people can come to SFV not only for formal activities but also for informal get-togethers with friends.

Ravee provided us with excellent architectural consultations, plus initial and revised designs. She was helpful and enthusiastic throughout this exploration, inspiring us with new ideas for the use of space and teaching us about the possibilities of interesting new materials. Ravee is a visionary architect and we were quite fortunate to have the benefit of her services.