Blank canvas at Project Artaud: long term lease RFP

San Francisco, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability/Environmental

Desired Services
Our plan is to develop the last raw space in Project Artaud into a state of the art rehearsal, class and performance space in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District. It would be a space that serves as a secured home for our dance organization, Deborah Slater Dance Theater (DSDT), as well as an ongoing home to hundreds of dance, theater, and photographer artists in the Bay Area. We need the help of an expert to help us structure a successful Request for Proposal and adequately demonstrate feasibility in both cost and construction. We plan to make substantial improvements (we have already worked on a draft drawing) and need to include a description, drawing, and estimated costs to our application. We would like to have a clear understanding of how the space could be transformed and how we would deal with issues like how to deal with the metal ceiling impacting the sound, the need for a complete floor and heating system, Artaud Board approval of any changes we would like to make to the space and a clear sense of the cost breakdown so we can determine how best to approach covering it. Consulting with a professional would tremendously help us write the RFP due on November 1st and increase our chances of securing the space.

Project Description

We have recently discovered the opening of a space in the historic Project Artaud building, located in the Mission/Potrero Hill area of San Francisco. During the open house, we found the space to be absolutely breathtaking. With 26-foot high ceilings, two walls flanked with windows and a bare bones facility at the moment, we are really excited to put together a Request for Proposal to submit to the Project Artaud board on November 1. One of the most groundbreaking arts companies in San Francisco, Project Artaud, has recently listed an open, raw space in their community. Project Artaud is a live/work space that is home to over 70 artists, painters, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and performers. At the Deborah Slater Dance Theater, we are submitting a proposal to join the Project Artaud group by responding to their Request for Proposal (RFP) due November 1, 2016.
The space is a blank canvas, which leaves plenty of room for artistic hands to imagine and develop a new studio, office space, rental location and a hub for the network Deborah has developed throughout her 27 years as a Bay Area artist. The space itself has 26-foot ceilings, two walls flanked with windows and very blank walls and flooring, which we would like to convert into a two-story multi-purpose office/studio space. In the new space for DSDT, the opportunities to produce more art, increase revenue from rentals, establish a space for the dancers to grow their skills while engraining our theater company into the rapidly changing network.
The Mission is a rapidly evolving neighborhood, and in recent months this property has seen new neighbors in the form of ceramics companies, coffee homes, bakeries, sports facilities, technology companies. Maintaining the vibrancy, culture, personality and creativity in this neighborhood is part of the draw to these businesses, alongside the open space. We want to add to the culture and continue to help this neighborhood develop into a new central hub for interests of all kinds, so we are asking for help in developing our RFP for the Project Artaud board.

We are in the first stages of this process and need to submit a Request for Proposal by November 1st. DSDT has a long history with Project Artaud’s Board and they have been very amenable to our application. Now we need to work with an architect who has the technical expertise to create and price a sophisticated design which covers our needs. This includes an office space and a teaching/performing space with components like:
1) a sprung floor for dance
2) moveable seating
3) 26 foot ceilings, a mezzanine for office/warm-up space
4) backdrops/walls for movie/photo
5) a heated floor (water?) and a way to heat the room,
6) projection and photo screens that can roll away and hide the rest of the time
7) storage space (lots of storage space),
8) audience seating that can move,
9) ceiling rigging for aerialists and set pieces.
10) and finally sound baffling as it has a metal roof/ceiling.


The project’s success will give more visibility to Deborah Slater Dance Theater and will impact hundreds of artists who regularly rent out our studio space. DSDT will be able to expand its ability to offer its home as a performance space.

With a 20 year lease, DSDT will be able to secure more funding. (Funders require long-term leases) and increase its rental potential. Lastly, securing Studio 124 will help support San Francisco’s artistic community (where studios and reasonably priced places are disappearing at an increasing rate) and create diversity in a rapidly changing neighborhood in need of cultural exchange.