Energy Star Certification: Denny International Middle School & Chief Sealth International High School Campus

Seattle, Washington

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental

Desired Services
Registered Architect or Professional Engineer will verify our completed Energy Star Certification application. We have readily accessible data verification for all fields in Portfolio Manager as well as staff resources. We would like to certify in November in order to include our most recent school year data.

Project Description

Seattle Public School District has been saving energy for the past 10+ years. We want our school to be nationally recognized for our efforts by becoming Energy Star Certified. In order to do so, we need help from a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer to verify our application. We have been working hard to conserve energy and are excited for the opportunity, with your help, to be awarded for our energy-efficiency success.

Denny International Middle School (2601 SW Kenyon) and Chief Sealth International High School (2600 SW Thistle) share a combined campus-like property. The schools are connected to one another, and share use of some of the common areas like the lunchroom. The combined square footage of the buildings is 368,000 ft2. Denny was built in 2010 and Chief Sealth was upgraded just prior to that.

Denny International Middle School is a wonderfully diverse learning community focused on high academic expectations for all students. Outstanding and dedicated teachers engage every student in challenging, student-centered curriculum. Our entire school community is committed to providing an outstanding education for each student, eliminating the achievement gap, and infusing the celebration of our diversity into every day of learning.

As an international school, Denny strives to offer academic excellence, a global perspective and world languages, including dual language immersion. Denny is participating in ongoing collaboration with local elementary schools and Chief Sealth International High School - starting with alignment of rigorous mathematics and reading opportunities from school to school. By taking advantage of our close proximity and shared commitment to high academic expectations, Denny and Sealth are forming a pathway to help every student prepare for college and future life as a life-long learner. Denny and Sealth teachers are jointly planning curriculum to prepare Denny students to meet the academic challenge provided by the Sealth International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.
The Denny Way: This set of expectations help students succeed in school and throughout life. Students regularly assess themselves and have their teachers assess them to see how they are meeting these expectations. The Denny Way: I am Ready, I am Responsible, I am Respectful.
Family Involvement: Our most important partners are our families. We are committed to building strong relationships will every student and family beginning with home visits to really get to know our families and to learn how we can maximize the educational experience of our students.

Chief Sealth International High School:
As a Seattle Public Schools International School, Sealth offers a high school curriculum with the following characteristics:
• A global perspective in every content area
• Robust World Language offerings, including continuation from the Concord and Denny dual-language Spanish program
• 21st-century college and career readiness
• State of the art technology and innovative teaching
• Teachers and Staff with Multicultural Competency
Chief Sealth is a comprehensive high school that offers a wide array of opportunities for students who value learning in a dynamic, multi-cultural environment. It is an exceptional place that celebrates innovation and individuality. As a center of international educational excellence, we provide students opportunities to study the world both in the classroom and beyond. Our academic and arts offerings, our career preparation, and our athletic programs focus on educating global citizens.


We hope that this building will receive Energy Star Certification. By virtue of the certification we will be considered in compliance with City of Seattle Building Tune-Up Ordinance requirements and demonstrate our deep and long-lasting commitment to energy efficiency.