Glendale Community Project (GCP)

Glendale, Arizona

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design

Desired Services
Current facility is in need of certain repairs along with an interior redesign to better utilize space and be relevant for the community. At this stage, we are in need of architecture, best use design and interior design to scope project costs. This design and associated costs will be used as support material for a formal proposal to Fiesta Bowl and AZ Sport and Tourism to provide required funding. Both organizations have given tacit approval for this funding. We expect to deliver the sustainability plan in the month of April. We need any design requirements completed prior to delivery of the plan. Funding for both organizations is expected to be released in August with a September kickoff to execute the plan. Our target is to have the facility completed in time for the 2017 Fiesta Bowl where the participating teams may perform a community service project at the facility.

Project Description

We are revitalizing a community center in Glendale, AZ located at 5401 W Ocotillo. We are partnering with the City of Glendale and the Fiesta Bowl for the project. The purpose is to provide better use of space, by updating and repairing the facility. We are looking for architectural and designer assistance. The square footage of the space is 7470 sq ft.


Our desire is to deliver a well-designed, highly flexible, high use facility with robust programs delivering excellent and meaningful services to the families of the local geography. We expect to deliver a sustainability and design model which can be extended to additional centers in Glendale.