New office interior design

Oakland, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Interior Design

Desired Services
Office layout, Design planning, Furniture selection, Selection of other furnishings such as carpet & lighting, Design of internal & external signage. Note - we have a move project manager selected to help us keep all of the pieces moving and execute/manage getting everything done.

Project Description

We are moving into a new office in Oakland in early June 2016. It's about 8,000 sq ft and occupies the full top floor of a 3 story building. The space is newly refurbished, with a gorgeous exposed wood barrel ceiling and lots of open space and light. The space will have 6 conference rooms, a beautiful huge collaborative space with soft seating, and about 32 cubes. We plan to buy all new furniture. We would like to engage a design firm to understand our needs, design the space and help us pick furnishings.


In this space, our employees and our partners will do our best work. They will be able to collaborate effectively, exchange ideas in a setting that promotes creativity and energy, and have fun while addressing a pressing social issue. The space should be flexible to help us address multiple uses - teamwork, all team meetings, hosted meetings with our board and our portfolio ventures, conference or video calls, and individual work that requires focus. Our brand is associated with innovation, positive change, creativity and support, and our space should reflect that.