Coaltion of Concerned Legal Professionals Renovation Project

San Francisco, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Engineering

Desired Services
We need assistance with the architectural plans and structural engineering plans due to the nature of the project. We need to insure that the space downstairs is livable and functional. It would also be helpful to know what other professionals we may need to consult with such as structural engineers, geo technical engineer, etc. Additionally, if those who assist through this program can also advise us of other funding sources for projects such as this, that would be very helpful to augment the assistance we expect to receive from supportive businesses in the community who donate construction supplies for this project to defray as much of the costs as possible.

Project Description

We need architectural and engineering plans suitable for submission for permits and use by a contractor to render the ground floor approx. 1200 square foot space of CCLP’s two-story building structurally sound, safe and functional.

Plans must include constructing a new foundation which will elevate the level of the new first floor at least five feet above its existing level to prevent future flooding. This will require lifting the entire building off its existing foundation. In the past the first floor has suffered water damage up to 3 ½ ft. The first floor walls require some framing repairs, and then new insulation, drywall, paint and finishing throughout the first floor.

This project will take approximately three months to complete and will require us locating a temporary office for at least a month during a portion of the work.

To fully carry out our legal benefit program coupled with organizing allies in the community, we need to renovate the first floor of the two-story Bayview building we purchased in 2014 to provide CCLP with a stable, lasting office in an area sorely in need of our assistance.
The goal of the renovation of our first floor is to protect the building as a whole from further potential water damage from rising levels of the Bay and drastic climate events. It will also provide us with a viable and healthy space for housing for full-time volunteer organizers fighting for legal recourse for the low-income membership of organizations in the Bayview in specific and the Bay Area in general.