New Start Charter School

Memphis, Tennessee

Design Disciplines Needed

Desired Services
Looking for preliminary design services to determine feasibility of converting a former retail space into a facility for school use. This work would include: 1) Working with the Aspire Public School team to understand the space and programmatic needs 2) Assessing the existing facility to document any infrastructure concerns as it relates to fire/life/safety, HVAC, and code compliance 3) Producing site plans and architectural designs to show an ideal configuration of the space to meet the school needs 4) Creating renderings and a rough project budget to allow us to source potential funders 5) Provide guidance on the local approvals process to better understand the expected timeline of development.

Project Description

Aspire Public Schools' mission is to open and operate high-quality charter schools in low-income neighborhoods in order to increase the academic performance of underserved students. We currently operate two schools in Memphis through the Achievement School District - Hanley Elementary in the Orange Mound community and Coleman Elementary in the Raleigh-Millington area. We have since been approved for an open enrollment charter through Shelby County Schools. We are hoping to develop a school facility that will open as a K-5 school and add a grade each year thereafter until it serves grades K-8 and a total of 560 students.

We are currently working to identify potential sites for development and would like to engage with an architect that can assist with preliminary design. The preliminary design will help us determine the feasibility (and potential cost) of renovating a particular site into a facility approved for school use. It will inform our decision on whether to purchase/lease a particular site, allow us to begin conversations around financing/philanthropic need, and inform the anticipated school opening date (Target - August 2016 or August 2017).