Need Architect and Contractor to create new open office plan and build two meeting rooms.

Santa Clara, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Architecture, Interior Design

Desired Services
We need help from design inception through project completion.

Project Description

We currently have an open office plan in 3000 sf space. Our goal is to re-design space using as much of our existing panel system as possible and to build two hard wall offices. One hard wall office would serve as conference room with seating for 8-10 people, the other would be large enough to seat 4 people. Current space has 12' ceiling, and their is no privacy for meetings with clients or staff as we don't have any hard wall offices. Given high ceiling and no sound attenuation it can be very difficult to work. We currently go outside the building for private staff conversations! We have 3 distinct work groups in the space. Fair Housing, Tenant/Landlord Dispute Resolution, and Administration.
Fair housing headcount totals 7, six staffers and one manager. Tenant/Landlord's headcount totals 5, 4 staffers and one manager. Administration headcount totals 3, 2 staffers and the Executive Director. Would be great to have a few touch down spaces as well.


We want/need our space to work for staff and the steady stream of folks we see daily.