Redesign studio space

Richmond, California

Design Disciplines Needed
Interior Design

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Not Sure

Project Description

We have lived in this location for nearly 30 years and the studio is in desperate need of a fresh and efficient look. Over 40 artists make art daily in the studio, but we could be using the space more efficiently and possibly free up space to accommodate more artists and hopefully build in more exhibition space. The facility also exhibits and sells art and is open to the public. There has been years of small decisions without a guiding design plan.

We have made some improvements in the past few years, such as replacing the kitchen and the roof, but no space planning has been done.
We will have to do this change while the studio continues to operate. We also have volunteers willing to help with some of the labor and we will solicit donations of materials once we have a list.

We are ready for the project now.
We need a space layout and recommendations for a 4100 square foot studio to accommodate at least 45 - 48 working artists in media centers.


The needs assessment set the stage for a grant request that is fully funded. The actual work on the project will begin next month. I will check back in once the space is in use and can comment on how the space is working. Fog Studios were practical and understood the constraints of the project. They quickly drafted a solution and amended it after comments were made.