Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia ("Legal Aid"Ø) 3rd Floor Office Space Reconfiguration

Washington, District of Columbia

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia is D.C.'s oldest and largest general civil legal services program. Founded in 1932, for more than 80 years Legal Aid lawyers have been making justice real - in individual and systemic ways - for persons living in poverty in the District of Columbia.

In 2007, Legal Aid leased the entirety of the 4th floor of our current office building and a portion of the 3rd floor for a total of 9,336 sq/feet in order to try and keep pace with our growing staff. In 2011, we amended our lease to assume the remaining 3,163 sq/ft of the 3rd floor, of which 1,160 sq/ft has been sub-leased. Due to continued growth of the organization, and the expiration of the sub-tenant's lease, Legal Aid is looking to assume full use of the entire 3rd floor.

This project would be to develop architectural drawings that will incorporate the additional 3,163 sq/ft with the remainder of the third floor into a contiguous space while maximizing the creation of additional work spaces (individual offices and cubicles) and placing high importance on minimizing construction expenses. We would like to integrate our management and leadership structure throughout the two floors (currently, leadership is on the 4th floor) and ensure appropriate flow between the two floors. The new space would also mean that our attorneys could have their own work spaces, which would provide more privacy for client meetings, and free up space for volunteers and interns.

Over the years, we have experienced tremendous programmatic growth - attracting high-quality, talented, compassionate lawyers who have been able to meet the needs of our client community. In 2012 alone, we were able to provide representation and assistance in over 2,000 cases - benefiting more than 7,000 D.C. residents. We currently have more full-time employees on staff than ever. Our office currently has 45 staff members, 35 of whom are attorneys.