Sandy Response - Renovation in Rockaway Beach, NY

Rockaway Beach, New York

Desired Services
Building & Space Identification,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Accessibility & Code Compliance,Healthy & Sustainable Environments

Project Description

A resident within Rockaway Beach needs professional architecture and engineering services to renovate a home that was severely damaged by flooding. Interior demolition has already begun and the need to continue renovation quickly is strong before more of the home deteriorates. This is a one story, 600 square foot bungalow built in 1920 that also wants to have an area for an artist studio or exhibition space and to become a live-work art residency in the near future. It was originally a detached house, but additions that may be 20 years old have attached it on both sides to the neighboring brick deli and neighboring bungalow. These additions are very poorly constructed.

Design goals for the home are as follows:
To meet the required elevation of the new flood maps by raising the existing structure of the house.

To design a habitable area underneath the raised house that can be a fully functioning space (water, heat, electricity), but is designed to recover quickly from a future flood with minimal damage to major systems.

To retrofit the original bungalow to a high-performance standard of energy/thermal efficiency, and to consider green technologies as possible solutions where they seem appropriate or feasible to implement.

Architecture for Humanity's NY Mission -
In the aftermath of super storm Sandy, Architecture for Humanity quickly responded by conducting thorough surveys of many damaged neighborhoods in the New York area. The next phase of this project, Constructing Resilient Communities Program, is to expand upon this effort and connect professionals with home owners and businesses that are in need of architectural, structural, engineering or civil services. Our goal is to provide assistance to people in an affordable, efficient and supportive way and to get the community back together again.

Would like to have construction documents started before 2013 hurricane season begins