Build Renaissance Global Liberation Academy

Houston, Texas

Desired Services
Capital Campaign Materials,Building & Space Identification,Facilities Renovation,Not Sure

Project Description

We are looking to launch a boarding high school for boys in one of Houston's most under served communities. The school will double as a community transformation organization to organize the people and businesses in the area to revitalize the area. Our school is the only like it in the country, and we are bringing it to what was considered Houston's formerly most dangerous neighborhood.

Currently, we are considering leasing space to house students for the first year (2016) and need help identifying potential leasing properties, and to consider building a new facility in for opening in the fall of 2017.

Please help us to identify a space in Houston that could serve our needs: 100 students, 10 staff personnel, and 4-5 classrooms to begin school operations in fall 2016.

I would like to get started as soon as possible with identifying potential renovation spaces for the school for a 2016 opening. For a new building, there is a 2-3 year long process I anticipate for a 2017/2018 opening.


We collaborated with RGLA to provide them with a complete program, design concept, schematic designs and capital campaign materials for a site development, four buildings, and lease space for a higher education campus. The design concept reflects the cutting edge approach to education that identifies RGLA as a leader in secondary education.