MACC Collab Lab

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Desired Services
Interior Design & Brand Integration,Healthy & Sustainable Environments,Not Sure

Project Description

This is a not a large project. It is not a high profile project. But with the right partner- this can be an incredibly high impact project.

We've got the space. We've got the staff and community commitment. What we need is a design that will encourage us to work together in new ways. A space that will inspire us to be creative and energize us into action.

We current inhabit a space that used to be a mental health clinic- and it truly feels clinical.

We are a collaborative of 40+ nonprofit social service organizations active and engaged in our communities. This office space houses our collaboratively shared back office staff and it is anything but engaging or collaborative feeling.

We have cleared some space in the office for dedicated flexible/collaborative/dynamic workspace, carved out some money in our budget, and built a design team to help inform what happens next. What we need now is a professional designer to help us bring our vision to life.

Our staff and member organizations would like to use this space to work together, hold collaborative meetings, trainings, and social gatherings.

Help us bring some life and dynamism in to our space!

We'd like to complete the design and planning by the end of April or May.