Prototype for Affordable Housing in Cameroon


Desired Services
Capital Campaign Materials,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Healthy & Sustainable Environments

Project Description

We are building a model house that is nothing like any traditional building structure present in Cameroon. We are using the modern technology with our hydraulic block machine to create environmentally friendly houses. We produce the building materials on location. And we strongly believe that our new concept is a groundbreaking construction strategy that will revolutionize the construction industry in Cameroon.

However, to achieve the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly house, we need help to determine: an eco-friendly roofing and floor treatments; the best approach to solar-powered the house in order to take great advantage of the year round sunshine in the country. We also need to learn the best approach to incorporate composting toilets and water-conserving showers in the building. The purpose of our groundbreaking model house is to showcase our environmentally friendly building materials and attract builders as well as government contracts.

Now and Flexible


The project had a great start with good intentions. However, things don't always work the way we envisioned. It could have been a successful project if the local government was willing to fund the project. It wasn't the case and we hope that the future will say otherwise.