Tenino Quarry Pool Enhancement

Tenino, Washington

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

The Tenino Quarry Pool is a swimming hole unlike any other.

The facility, located in a historic sandstone quarry, showcases Tenino's early history, when quarrying operations supplied buildings as far away as San Francisco and Philadelphia and caused the bustling community to be known as the "Sandstone Metropolis"in The Olympian newspaper. Exposed rock faces from the operations, including one with a manmade waterfall; a pool depth of over eighty feet in the deep end; and an 11,500-square-foot kiddie pool, all allow the community to continue to experience this treasured historic facility.

To help preserve this community icon, the City of Tenino and its partner TOGETHER!, the facilitator of the Tenino/Bucoda Health Action Team, are seeking firms to assist in exploring options to modernize the Quarry Pool to better serve the community's children and families, while remaining respectful to the historic character of the area. Key goals include finding ways to keep the facility open and functional by decreasing the operational costs, and ensuring that potential liability concerns are adequately addressed. The firm that participates in this project will help to consider ways to: showcase the history of the site, while enhancing the facility; reduce operational expenses (such as the amount of City-owned water that is used in the facility); scope out necessary project enhancements to determine how best to pursue grant funds to improve the facility; and maintain the community and family-friendly feel of the facility so it continues to provide a safe and welcoming place for children and families for years to come.