Lighting the Old Mint

San Francisco, California

Desired Services
Facilities Renovation

Project Description

Overview: The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society ("SFMHS"Ø) is a 501(3)(c) non-profit dedicated to the preservation, interpretation and (re)-presentation of the cultural and historical heritage of San Francisco. SFMHS' vision is to create a world-class museum - the San Francisco Museum at the Mint ("the Museum"Ø) - at the Old Mint, a national historic landmark building, located at Fifth and Mission streets. The Museum will be a LEED platinum certified building with carbon neutral operations. Currently, SFMHS hosts a variety of public and private events, and special exhibits at the Old Mint which it curates.

Scope of Work: Design of open space improvements, including a comprehensive lighting scheme for the exterior of the Old Mint building and landscape improvements to highlight this iconic landmark structure, and improve the neighborhood surround. To date, Arup has presented SFMHS with a conceptual design and exterior lighting study. The following is now required to move the project forward:
- Design drawings and plans, and a project narrative adequate for inclusion with a Certificate of Appropriateness application to the San Francisco Department of Planning (and subsequent review by the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission).
- Upon approval of the latter, completed design and construction documents and timeline for completion (deadline for project completion: August 2015.)

Funding: SFMHS has monies from a HUD grant (which terminates September 30, 2015) which will only cover hard costs associated with this project; SFMHS is actively seeking monies to cover soft costs. However, due to the grant termination date, and the need to adhere to national, state and city review requirements, we are seeking alternate funding sources to move the design plan and review process forward as expeditiously as possible.

Project Impact: This project presents a unique opportunity to transform the exterior appearance of a classic historical building and the surrounding landscape through innovative, historically sensitive design that will:

- Increase the aesthetic appeal and appearance of a national historic landmark, and highlight the viability of the Old Mint as an important San Francisco civic landmark.

- Beautify the neighborhood, including the corner of Fifth and Mission streets, and minimize current traffic by homeless persons on and around the building by having it lit at night

- Enhance SFMHS' fundraising efforts by bringing positive attention to this magnificent building, which will function as a marketing tool in its own right.

Deadline for completion: September 2015