Interior access ramp

San Francisco, California

Desired Services
Interior Design & Brand Integration,Accessibility & Code Compliance,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

The Museum of Performance + Design is a living record of San Francisco and the Bay Area's performing arts history, from the extravagant attractions of the Gold Rush Era to the sophisticated productions of the War Memorial Opera House. The 3.5M items in the collection feature cultural icons such as Anna Halprin, Ballets Russes and Chinese theater. It represents the voices of artists, scholars, critics and enthusiasts. Exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, talks, Web resources and digitization program are hallmarks of our activities. MP+D is also the official archive of the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera. We aspire to be an active laboratory where past and present knowledge and ideas on performance and theater design are cultivated and disseminated.

MP+D moved to a creative loft space on Folsom Street in May 2013. The space includes a foyer at the street level and a main floor area which lies 27" below. The project is to design, build and install an hybrid access/public engagement interior structure that would provide for ADA accessibility (type ramp) and museum experience(s) such as sitting, reading nest, viewing station etc. Current architectural drawings provide for a standard ADA ramp with a 360 degree turn. Considering our space constraints, we think there is an opportunity to integrate the ramp as a design element in the space, which would also function as a support for our museum activities.

The project needs to be completed by June 2014 (grant parameters). Permit is active for the installation of an ADA ramp.