Joaquin Moraga Adobe

Orinda, California

Desired Services
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Project Description

Built in 1841, the Joaquin Moraga Adobe in Orinda is the oldest surviving building in Contra Costa County. It has been recognized as a California State Historic Landmark since 1954 (landmark #509), and was designated as an Orinda City Landmark in 1995.

The Friends of the Joaquin Moraga Adobe are dedicated to preserving this important landmark and working to provide community access to the building and grounds.

The FJMA has reached an agreeement with the J&J Ranch developers to purchase the Adobe and surrounding 2.3 acre parcel and operate it as a History and Learning Center for the public.

Mission Statement
"The Joaquin Moraga Adobe will be owned and operated by the Friends of the Joaquin Moraga Adobe. Our mission is to transform this State Historic Landmark and National Register property into a History and Learning Center dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the early settling of California's East Bay region, with a focus on the Rancho period, between the Mission period and the Gold Rush. "

As an authentically restored adobe farmstead, the site will vividly depict the Moraga family's experience. The Adobe and surrounding grounds will portray the lifestyle and cultural experiences of these early settlers.

We have a specific timeline agreed with the developers to raise $500,000 which they will match. 100% of funds raised will go toward the renovation and any costs greater than $1M will be borne by the developers. Additionally we would like to raise $500,000 more as an endowment, so our total fundraising goal is $1M.