Sandy Response - New Home Needed in Rockaway Park NY

Rockaway Park, New York

Desired Services
Building & Space Identification,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Accessibility & Code Compliance

Project Description

A family in Rockaway Park, NY has been told that the existing house needs to be leveled and a new one built. The house, which was already 3' from the ground, filled with 4' to 5' of water and was knocked off of its foundation. The water heater and furnace were below ground in a "crawl" space. Those systems would also need to be raised and the crawl space filled. Their interest is definitely in rebuilding "a sustainable and resilient home" - and one that is about 10' - 12' above ground - "hurricane resistant"if possible. They are forward thinking individuals, artist / entrepreneur types, and would be quite open to having their home used as a model or educational opportunity for rebuilding.

Within 6 months to have drawings.