Sandy Response – Partial Renovation in Rockaway NY

Rockaway, New York

Desired Services
Interior Design & Brand Integration,Accessibility & Code Compliance

Project Description

A family in Rockaway NY needs architectural help to complete the renovation on their home and on the foundation. The house is approx. 100 years old and the lot is 6,000 SF. This is a two family home with two stories and totaling six bedrooms. Ground floor support beams were damaged in the storm and replaced by a family friend so that the family can move back into the 1st & 2nd floors. Damaged electrical work was renovated by a contractor. The 1st & 2nd floors were renovated for the family to move back in. Foundation is cracked & compromised, basement is uninhabitable. Additional bedroom was in the basement with a family room. Basement and foundation need to be renovated & brought up to new codes