Change of Occupancy

San Francisco, California

Desired Services
Accessibility & Code Compliance

Project Description

The Lab has been in this location for 18 years. We recently found out we are zoned as office space, even though the space we are in has been an assembly hall since 1930.

The folks at the City planning say we can do an over the counter change of occupancy. We do not need to post for 30 days.

We already have panic hardware. There are a few things we need an architect to validate:
-Main wall fire ratings
-Partition wall fire ratings
-Exits diagonal distance and width
-Egress evaluation

One double doorway is odd in that one side swings in and the other out. This needs to be changed to both swing out.

Will need architect wet stamp on all drawings. Our volunteer can do all the drawings. Most are already done.

We are working in Revit Architecture 2013.

Completed by 11/30.


We completed the first phase of this project.

While we have not completed the change of occupancy, we improved the electrical system, the aesthetics of the space as an arts venue, and have made much progress toward obtaining our Entertainment Permit.

The roadblock now is to raise the $24,780 to complete the fireproofing required by the building department for the change of occupancy.

Thanks to The 1 +, Public Architecture to everyone inside and outside our organization for all of your support.