Cosmetic Renovation/Interior Redesign

San Francisco, California

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

Founded in 1985, The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center brings the power of entrepreneurship to under-resourced communities. We provide very low-to-moderate-income women and men with access to critical training, resources, and networks to assist them in starting and growing their own businesses, creating employment for themselves and others, building assets and contributing to our local economy. Since our founding in 1985, Renaissance has helped more than 22,000 individuals launch and grow over 8000 small businesses, creating an estimated 12,000 jobs for themselves and others.
We operate our four sites: Renaissance SoMa (Fifth Street, San Francisco), Renaissance Bayview (Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco), Renaissance Mid-Peninsula (East Palo Alto) and Renaissance Marin (San Rafael). We also offer online and offsite programming in Richmond, Redwood City, Daly City and the San Francisco County Men's Jail.
In 2013 Renaissance's services will result in the launch and growth of over 500 new businesses and the creation of more than 750 jobs.
The impact of Renaissance's work is demonstrated by the success of our clients. According to our 2012 Micro Test Evaluation survey, conducted by the Aspen Institute Fund for Innovation, Education, Learning, and Dissemination (FIELD) program, which assessed clients one year after receiving services:
- 98% of graduates who entered Renaissance with an existing business remain in business.
- 67% of clients who came to Renaissance in the pre-launch stage are now operating a business.
- The median gross revenue of our clients who are in business full-time (one year after completing our training) is $60,656.
- 94% of Renaissance clients stated that "It would not have been possible to start or sustain a business without participation in Renaissance's programs."

Renaissance's corporate headquarters is located on 275 5th Street @ Clementina in the SoMa District. Built in 1964, the facility is approximately 31,000 square feet, 4 stories including two garage facilities. This is the facility we seek services for as we seek to completely transform the look, feel and functionality of our entrepreneurial community. Our goal is to create a beautiful, inspiring and functional environment that our staff and small business tenants will love. Renaissance seeks the aide of The1% because we have clearly identified:
- We desire/need a "new look"conducive to the growth of our small businesses.
- We have a rooms/space we use all the time, but something just doesn't "feel"right or function well that can almost be construed as ugly, unpleasant, and dated.
- We have tried to decorate ourselves but we still need help pulling it all together.
- We don't know where to start and can't find the time or energy to do so.

As an office facility consisting of 50 office suites, 1 classroom, 3 conference rooms, 6 restrooms, and other common areas, we would like to achieve...

Space usage, light, and office plants:
We'd like to create an impression spaciousness upon walking inside our facility. The inefficient use of space and improper lighting in the facility may be perceived as uninviting. There is a great potential to use the natural light coming in but the current layout is a hindrance. Additionally, we would like to incorporate the use of indoor office plants to increase beautification.
Wet bar remodeling:
There are three wet bars, one per each floor. The cabinetry and overall design of the wet bar is outdated and is showing signs of wear. The wet bar is a high-use amenity for tenants and staff, which is subject to wear and tear due to constant use.
Bathroom remodel:
Improve toilet, sink. Flooring, paint, sink, and vanity
Carpet replacement:
Our current carpet needs to be replaced due to wear and tear, outdated look, smell, stains, lack of comfort, damage, and overall carpet placement needs to be reconsidered.
Interior paint:
A fresh quote of paint and a choice of color can go a long way in giving adequate impression. A proper choice of color makes the rooms bigger and opener which is what we would like to achieve.
General beautification advice.

We envision to have a clear scope of our interior design objectives by the end of Summer 2013, and to be well underway with the project construction coming into the Autum/Winter months as the year ends.