Redwood Parklet

San Francisco, California

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Project Description

Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish. We accomplish our mission by purchasing redwood land, restoring logged forests, studying how to best protect them and teaching children and adults about these magical expressions of life. With our members' and partners' support, the League has protected more than 189,000 acres (the size of 16 Manhattan islands) and helped develop 63 redwood parks and reserves for everybody to enjoy.

For those who have had the chance to stand in a redwood grove, there are few life experiences that match it. And once you do, it's hard to imagine life on our planet without these awesome and majestic places. Unfortunately, many people are unable to travel to the redwood forest or are simply unaware of these awe-inspiring trees. That's why we want to bring the redwood forest to urban spaces by creating a mobile Redwood Parklet!

We know from our long history that people with a personal connection to the redwoods are more likely to support the protection of these trees. So, we hope our parklet will help us introduce the redwood forest, even in a small way, to those who have few opportunities to learn about or visit these trees in person - helping to create a spark of awareness that can lead to a deeper connection.

Our goal is to create a mobile Redwood Parklet to be set-up in San Francisco for PARK(ing) Day 2012 (Sept. 21, We plan to have the parklet "up" in San Francisco for about one week to celebrate National Public Lands Day (Sept. 29) - encouraging folks to get out and explore their redwood parks. We'd love to eventually take the parklet "on the road"and create temporary installations in in Chicago, Los Angeles, DC and New York.

We are in the preliminary stages of this project - gathering all the necessary data for creating a design, securing permits and determining next steps. We need help designing (and building) a parklet that showcases real plants from the redwood forest and that recreates the feeling one has when in the midst of such a magical place.

In an ideal world, the parklet would include the following:
- It's mobile: The parklet should be designed to be housed in a container that can be moved easily or created in such a way that the various pieces of the parklet can be easily packed into a shipping van/container and transported to another city.
- It's eco-friendly: It should use materials that are sustainably produced and/or recycled or reused.
- It's realistic: We want to recreate the feeling you have in the redwood forest and that means using real forest plants (like sorrel and ferns) and possibly recreating a life-size redwood tree trunk. We have connections with partners that could help supply these items.
- It's fun: We envision a part of the parklet will include an area that is designed to be like sitting around a campfire, possibly with a tent in the background. Passersby could stop and roast marshmallows with us and chat over a cup of hot chocolate.

Today, it takes a community of caretakers to protect redwood forests. By helping us create a Redwood Parklet, you will become an important part of our community, inspiring people to support the work needed to save these magical places forever.

We would love to participate in the 2012 San Francisco PARK(ing) Day, to be held on September 21. We would need a final design by August 17 so that we could source and secure the materials needed to build the parklet.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.