Sonora, California

Desired Services
Building & Space Identification,Accessibility & Code Compliance,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

MYACT is moving into it's own space and needs to build a lobby, two restrooms, office and a second floor for storage/classroom space in the warehouse we are leasing. We have contractors and carpenters aplenty, but no one to assist us with the architectural and/or structural engineering. MYACT has been renting temporary theatre spaces and rehearsal spaces for 8 years and is excited to finally have a home of our own. Our original architect had a medical emergency in his office and is down a team member and can not help us until it is too late.
The acquisition of a permanent theatre space is imperative for the growth of the MYACT program. Currently, After School Kids classes and school-year rehearsals are held at 326 Stockton Rd in Sonora. This space consists of a dance room, classroom, storage space, office and two restrooms. For small rehearsals, classes and storage, it is perfect. What the space lacks is a performance space. Every recital, fundraiser and large show must be performed in a separate location. Summer camp is held at Black Oak Elementary school in Twain Harte, yet the performances are held at either a large school theatre (ex: Summerville High School), or a hall is rented and we build our stage in it (ex: St. Patrick's Parish Hall). MYACT has outgrown our current rehearsal space in terms of public performances. Not only is the shifting of locations confusing for our students and families, it is also challenging to form a public following. The work associated with this is also overwhelming - loading in and striking immediately, rebuilding a stage every time a show is performed, transporting all of the materials to and from facilities and advertising a new location each time. Furthermore, rental fees for the spaces we use are increasing, as is the difficulty level in securing dates for them. The achievement of a larger, permanent rehearsal and performance space would provide answers to these challenges while creating additional advantages.

The lease begins May 1, 2012, summer camp begins June 25 2012 and the project needs to be completed by that date, otherwise we will have to rent a secondary rehearsal location, which is something we may not be able to afford at this time. Summer camp is 6 weeks long, with 50 students, and is our largest program of the year.