Create meeting / phone call space

San Francisco , California

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Interior Design & Brand Integration,Facilities Renovation

Project Description

NESsT is a nonprofit that supports social enterprises in emerging market countries. These social enterprises usually focus on using technology for social good, including marginalized members of society into the workforce, or are small producers or artisans that provide incomes.

We help this organizations with financial and business training support to scale their operations. Examples of our organizations include:
-An entrepreneur in rural Peru that has created a machine to incubate jaundiced babies in rural areas. One of the only medical devices manufactured in Peru.
-A catalog business in Hungary that sells organic and sustainable goods and employs hundreds of handicapped people.
-A cooperative indigenous Chilean Mapuche women who produce traditional high quality textiles.

We recently moved into a new office that has an open floor plan with no rooms. The space is ~1000+ sq ft and has a lot of natural light. We love the office and the space, but we have three main issues:

1) Often we have calls in other languages and it is important to be able to hear and at the not distract the rest of the office.

2) We┤d like to augment the place to create private comfortable space for having a meeting in the office. The office is mostly administrative, but it would be great to feel more comfortable inviting investors or donors to come visit.

3) We┤d like to make the place represent our brand more somehow if possible. We are culturally creative people that care about travel, development, business for social good, and we would love to have our space reflect that better.

Would like to complete soon - before end of June.