BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut

Desired Services
Facilities Needs Assessment,Capital Campaign Materials,Building & Space Identification

Project Description

This project is being undertaken on behalf of the growing and vibrant Caribbean community of Fairfield County, Connecticut; and will accrue benefits to the City of Bridgeport, its citizens, and the surrounding communities. This Center will serve the following functions:
1. Facilitate the display of the rich American/Caribbean Heritage;
2. Resource Center providing assistance to needy individuals;
3. Undertake altruistic projects that benefits the local community and that seeks to address specific social and economic needs of Caribbean nations;
4. A rallying point for American citizens seeking to provide assistance to Caribbean nations in times of crisis/disaster (Crisis Center);
5. Center for international cultural exchange;
6 Undertake educational and training programs preparing inner city youths and residents, and immigrants to realize their American dream and become prosperous, productive American citizens;
7. Promote and facilitate commercial business exchange and investment between Americans and Caribbean nations;
8. Provide office space for staff; meeting place for community organizations; and affordable venue for public social and cultural events
9. Research and serve as a public resource for statistical information on the local Caribbean population; and information on issues affecting immigrants, particularly the Caribbean population;
10. Promote and facilitate good relations between local institutions and government with businesses, institutions and government in the Caribbean.
11.Site of a full service affordable Caribbean Restaurant and catering emphasizing American made and Caribbean products.
12. Research and address health issues of particular concern to African American and Caribbean people.

The Jamaican Renaissance Society, Inc, currently provide the following services from its Resource Center located at 602 North Ave, in Bridgeport:
Legal consultation; assistance with passport applications; police record; Donations to a local homeless shelter; assistance to an orphanage in Jamaica; Sponsor educational seminars and training; work with other Caribbean organizations to promote cultural events.

The concept for the Community Cultural Center is an innovative one. No similar center exists anywhere in the North Eastern Us, and possible anywhere in the US that serves the Caribbean population. In New York it is estimated that Jamaican Organizations alone spent over $2 million each year securing venues. In the Bridgeport area the organizations we are familiar with spends between $15 - 20 Thousand Dollars each year on venues. These estimates do not include private events such as weddings, private receptions etc.
It is proposed that the center will house: a multipurpose hall; meeting rooms; offices; restaurant; sports bar; a health club.

Requested service:
1. To provide architectural rendering and estimates of costs;
2. Capital Campaign materials.
3. Building and space Identification

First phase by September 30, 2012.