World Cares Center's New Image

New York, New York

Design Disciplines Needed
Landscape Architecture

Desired Services
Interior Design & Brand Integration,Healthy & Sustainable Environments,Not Sure

Project Description

World Cares Center was founded 16 years ago by average everyday citizens who came out to help during the 9-11 relief effort. Starting as an all-volunteer organization we were lucky to piece together donated materials to build out our offices. Today World Cares Center trains thousands of youth, seniors and local leaders how to better prepare themselves and their communities to work together to prevent disasters and respond together when they do happen.

Our small team works out of a 1076 square foot office and has made due will a number of donated items and desks. Since we work together, sharing ideas and exchanging ideas are critical. We are looking for a design environment that reflects and fosters our culture of collaboration.

We desperately need an expert to come in and improve our conditions. I do not think it is a huge project as it is a small space. However, clever placement of storage and other design elements help provide a space that encourages our team and shows them that we care about them as much as they care about the communities we work with.

As a non-profit organization there are limited few perks you can give your team. A cheerful environment that encourages collaboration would be a great one to add.

I think this is a small project for a talented team. As soon as they could start would be great.


design eliments were incorporated.