Monument Futures

Concord, California

About this nonprofit organization
Monument Futures Mission and Vision

´éº Our Vision is for the Monument Corridor neighborhood to become a connected community with a vibrant economy, where everyone has the chance to make rewarding economic and social choices.

´éº Our Mission is to provide people who live or work in Monument Community with the means to develop the confidence, competence, connections and capital it takes to make it in America.


Residents and local business owners of the low income Monument Community of Concord, CA who have the least economic opportunity and the greatest potential for economic leadership.

We provide programs in 3 areas, and all programs are offered in Spanish and English:

1. Community Builder Trade Skills Programs
- Day Labor Program for men and women
- Civic Integration Workshops
- Pre-Apprenticeship Program (in planning phase)

Technology and Adult Literacy Training
- Technology Empowerment Program (career-track training)
- Plaza Comunitaria Spanish Literacy Training
- Vocational English

Economic Leadership Development and Policy Change Initiatives:
- Worker-Owned Cooperatives (new)
- Community Leadership Development
- Creation of Michael Chavez Center for Economic Opportunity
- Community-led Redesign of Built Environment of the Monument and Naval Weapons Station Reuse