United Roots

Oakland, California

About this nonprofit organization
United Roots empowers marginalized youth in socially innovative ways utilizing the following four strategies.

Personal Development: creating a safe, sustainable environment to heal and grow through community rituals, cultural healing practices, and wellness services.

Creative Arts Education: instilling confidence and developing talent through digital, technological and performing arts.

Career and Workforce Mentorship: cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship through fellowships, mentorship, employment pipelines and business incubation.

Civic Engagement: building coalitions between communities of color, decision makers, and employers to advocate for community change.

United Roots’ 4,000 square foot facility in Oakland includes a computer lab, media lab, tech lab, full music studio, performing arts classroom, outdoor garden, and rooftop solar array. United Roots provides youth with access to video equipment, photo cameras, computers, tablets, printers, internet and more.

Since opening in 2009, United Roots has engaged over 5,000 youth, and on average has 200 core youth members a year with 90 percent of participants being youth of color ages 13-24 and extremely low-income.