Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals

San Francisco, California

About this nonprofit organization
COALITION OF CONCERNED LEGAL PROFESSIONALS is a free and voluntary, unincorporated association of attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators, law students and others who commit their time, resources and skills through CCLP to fight the lack of meaningful access to legal recourse available to low-income workers in particular, but now to a growing portion of our workforce losing their jobs, homes, health care and hope for their children’s futures. Together we work to discover and advance methods to fight for such recourse for all those who come to us through organizations with whom we work that have constituencies of low-income workers. We promote ways and means of greater accessibility and availability of legal advice, education and counsel from members of the legal profession who have joined with us in this endeavor.

Participation in CCLP is open to all who want to materially join our efforts through volunteering, sponsoring or otherwise supporting CCLP’s mission. CCLP is fighting landmark cases, providing legal education and information to those requesting our assistance through their organizations, including farm worker, domestic worker, seasonal worker drives with whom we have historically allied, to advise and educate their membership individually and collectively regarding available recourse.

All benefits provided through CCLP are free of charge. No one receives payment of any kind for work done with CCLP. Attorneys and other legal professionals provide their services on a voluntary basis and CCLP does not allow participation in our legal benefit to be utilized as a forum for solicitation of fee generating cases. CCLP involves all those who come to us in our efforts to find solutions to the problems of those without economic access to the courts.

CCLP accepts no government funding nor any other funding that would threaten the association’s ability to provide a vehicle for fighting for legal recourse, including challenging government policies targeting portions of our population due to their economic and/or minority status. CCLP exists only through the participation of volunteers who contribute their time, professional services and other forms of support. “On-the-job training is provided to volunteers under the supervision of professional organizers in the skills of organizing for change in government policies and priorities.

CCLP’s interests lie within the expanding, changing and often explosive questions in the field of law for low-income workers. CCLP accepts cases that form collective action in the interest of the membership of organizations of low-income workers and can attract people to the organization to fight those legal demands versus focusing solely on individual service. Of note, working in conjunction with farm worker organizations, CCLP won a class action suit against the State of California on behalf of thousands of migrant farm workers whose rents on government-subsidized migrant camps were doubled illegally by the State of California in the late 90s. Through the participation of legal professionals, businesses, religious institutions, students, workers and legislators, CCLP and the farm worker drives were successful in winning back the rent overcharges for the majority of migrant farm workers affected as well as halting an additional rent increase the State sought to implement in 2003.

CCLP seeks means to bring about social change through the law. We believe the distance between the law and justice in this country can be bridged, starting with the fight for living wage jobs, which permits workers to meet their needs and purchase access to the courts purportedly available to all within our legal system but currently denied to those who cannot afford it.