OMI Community Action Organization

San Francisco, California

About this nonprofit organization
The OMI-CAO (Ocean View - Merced Heights - Ingleside Community Action Organization) is a group of residents and merchants organized to improve the quality of life of the children, youth, families, and business owners in the OMI community. We do this by providing economic and community development, increasing health and human services, strengthening educational opportunities, and improving the local environment. The OMI Program Committees are Business and Economic Development, Children, Youth and Young Adults, Education and Culture, Environment, Health and Human Services and Safety.

Services Description:
The Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside Community Action Organization (OMI-CAO) began in 1995 as an umbrella advocacy group that further the efforts of smaller community-based organizations through social action, funding, and organizational assistance. Initially, the OMI-CAO existed as a fiscally sponsored organization through The Tides Center and as such, thrived. The OMI-CAO received a grant of $ 60,000 from The San Francisco Foundation in 1998 to support the position of Project Director, office space and general operating cost. The OMI-CAO established relationship with The Tides Center as fiscal sponsor for projects. During this period of sponsorship, the OMI-CAO accomplished a multitude of goals that unequivocally bettered the community at large. Armed with community surveys, census data, and community hearings, the OMI-CAO authored a progressive community development plan known as Vision 2000. Vision 2000 offered not only specific targets, but also a broad perspective on the desired general developmental trajectory for the OMI. Execution of these goals necessitated large-scale collaboration between various community-based organizations, government, and the denizens of the community. As an umbrella advocacy group, the OMI-CAO unified and linked many of the existing CBO's to create a stronger, more effective voice. Along with
direct political action, these efforts netted excellent results, some of which include the following large scale projects.

OMI-CAO was the recipient of a $100,000 planning grant from the San Francisco Department of Human Services to develop the OMI Family Resource Center and co-sponsor an OMI Health Fair biannually. It developed and implemented an OMI Community Health Needs Assessment Survey. OMI-CAO received a grant of $371,00 from The San Francisco Department of Human Services to develop a Family Resource Center in the OMI community for three years. The organization was the recipient of a $25,000 contribution from The Bank of America Foundation for economic development. The underground overhead wires on both Ocean Avenue and Broad/Randolph Streets were completed. Facilitated growth of the OMI Merchants Association Worked with residents, CBOs, Mayor's Office, and The Emerald Fund to create the Ocean Village Plaza on Alemany The OMI-CAO authored Broad/Randolph Development plan adopted by both the Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development and the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services. The OMI-CAO raised over $400,000 with the Friends and Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library to build the new Ocean View Library in 2002. The OMI-CAO advocated for the creation of a soccer field and for rebuilding the Ocean View Recreation Center. It also advocated for the continuation of Fire Station 33 and to restore biological habitat in the Brooks Park. .

These accomplishments are only a sampling of the outcomes made feasible by a strong, unifying advocate. Fiscal sponsorship alleviated much of the operational burden, however, during transition to self-sufficiency operations came to the forefront. The emergence of these issues forced a reconsideration of what the OMI-CAO is and should be.