The Furuya Foundation

Los Angeles, California

About this nonprofit organization
The Furuya Foundation exists to preserve, celebrate, and share Japanese culture as expressed through the martial arts (Aikido and Iaido), the Japanese language (written and spoken), and such Japanese cultural arts as calligraphy, sword study, and tea ceremony. In tandem with the Aikido Center of Los Angeles, it strives to help all those interested in exploring this rich cultural heritage by offering a place for training, study, and community. The all-volunteer staff of five operate numerous programs to implement the foundation's mission, such as hosting experts from Japan and other countries to lecture and/or demonstrate on topics such as sword study, budo, tea ceremony, and zazen. They also work with the board of directors to find underwriters for the Aikido Center of Los Angeles and its curricula in both the arts of Aikido and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. Once we implement our long-term capital goals, the foundation will enjoy a higher profile in the Japanese American community (from which we draw support) and better brand recognition and brand health as an integral, physical part of the Little Tokyo district and, by extension, the heritage of Nikkei living in America. Also, due to the increasing popularity of downtown LA in general, we will have a greater reach to a larger audience and provide easier access for this larger constituency to our many educational and cultural services.