Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

Washington, District of Columbia

About this nonprofit organization
Legal Aid was created in 1932 with the purpose of making justice real - in individual and systemic ways - for persons living in poverty in the District of Columbia.

For more than 80 years, Legal Aid lawyers have provided a continuum of legal services to clients in the areas of domestic violence/family, housing, public benefits, and consumer law. In addition to direct client representation, we also help clients avoid unnecessary legal entanglements through outreach and education, and assist clients to resolve their own disputes with advice and other brief assistance.

Legal Aid also works to identify systemic issues that have an impact beyond an individual client. In such cases, we often seek structural solutions - from changes in law or regulatory schemes to a reform of government or court practice - to benefit our client community. And, our nationally-recognized Barbara McDowell Appellate Advocacy Project, which pursues an anti-poverty agenda, litigates important cases affecting persons living in poverty before the D.C. Court of Appeals every year.