L.A Community Outreach Center

Los Angeles, California

About this nonprofit organization
LACOC is committed to help meet the needs of the growing homeless population of men, women, children and underprivileged families by providing a wide range of support services such as shelter, food, advocacy, and other community resources such as job placement, domestic violence referrals and counseling so that they may achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency.

LACOC has been serving the Greater Los Angeles Area for over 20 years and it's doors are always open to ANYONE in need.

LACOC as well as Holy Temple, which is the parent of LACOC is where our Corporate Office is located as well as our shelter, kitchen and Community Center.

All of our services, which include (but are not limited to), housing, clothing, job referral, food and counseling, are provided in this location and we would love to have the opportunity to "expand UP".

We own the building, but are in need of renovations in order to keep it up to code and maintain it's habitability.

Mr. Coatney discovered what he believed at the time to be an abandoned building.

He had a strong desire to help the homeless, and searched the grounds only to find that there were several homeless families taking shelter there already, even in it's abandoned state.

Mr. Coatney began the process of purchasing the building, and once he took possession he went as far as to "sleep on the floor" on a blanket in the building while working and taking care of his family and home.

The homeless as well as contractors assisted in the buildings preportion 20 years ago and we have the LACOC today because of their efforts.