Los Angeles, California

About this nonprofit organization
Art . . . Community . . . Land . . . Activism! (ACLA, formerly ARTScorpsLA) is a 17-year-old public art and land collective that works with youth in underserved Los Angeles neighborhoods to transform fallow urban land into vibrant, community-directed ArtParks. As public green space, ACLA ArtParks also function as outdoor classrooms in the classical Academy style, providing students a direct experience of science and natural phenomenon as they explore the diversity of the natural world. The experiential learning that green space promotes helps students to develop a self of themselves as explorers and learners while instilling in them an intuitive understanding of the vital relationship between physical health, mental and emotional well being, and the natural and social landscapes of which each individual is an intrinsic and valuable part. By working together to maintain green space and the built environments in their own neighborhood, youth learn first hand the positive impact they can have on their community through collaboration and creative problem solving.