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Nonprofit Membership

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1+ is open to nonprofits from healthcare, arts and culture, animal welfare and every other sector to tell their stories, document their design needs, and find design firms willing to give their time.

Potential Impact

Capacity Building
Fundraising and Development
Raising Awareness
Branding and Identity
Recruitment and Retention

Designer Membership

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1+ offers all designers of the built environment, including architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers, an opportunity to document their pro bono contributions, gain recognition, and find project opportunities.

Potential Impact

Creative Opportunities
Recruitment and Retention
Local Involvement
Community Relations
Personal Satisfaction

Nonprofits benefit when they engage designers early in their projects. Involving designers' expertise can strengthen fundraising efforts and the chance of implementation as well as lead to impactful outcomes.

Amy Ress, Director, 1+; Public Architecture