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San Francsico, California
Founded in 1971, the mission of Blue Bear School of Music is to empower people to play the music they love. Since its inception, Blue Bear's highly regarded professional staff and faculty have helped more than 35,000 individuals achieve their musical goals.
Architecture, Interior Design
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Seattle, Washington
The Mount Baker Community Clubhouse was built in 1914 to serve the residents of the Mount Baker neighborhood in Seattle. It is NOT a registered historic landmark, however, we consider it a building of historic interest considering its architecture and elegant design.
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Chicago, Illinois
The Kaufherr Members Resource Center (KMRC) is a full service, multi-purpose resource center available to SAG (Screen Actors Guild)-AFTRA (American Federation of Tv and Radio Artist) and Actors Equity Association members and pre-union actors in Chicago.
Interior Design
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Chicago, Illinois
The purpose of the project is to remodel our office headquarters, located in Logan Square Chicago. As we are expanding our work and influence, we want our office to represent high professionalism and initiative.
Interior Design
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San Diego, California
We are moving to a new facility in direct proximity to 32nd Street Naval Station which we would like to utilize for classrooms, practical instruction as well as counseling.
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Los Angeles, California
FoodHub.LA is launching an innovative hybrid social impact model that includes various organizations that collaborate to better connect local food producers to distributors and/or consumers:
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability/Environmental
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Pearland, Texas
We want to design a building that can be used for our church in its traditional "church" ministries: Sunday worship meeting, classes for kids, etc. But we also want it designed to include a smallish coffee shop (like 600 sq. ft.) that we can use throughout the week.
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering
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San Francisco, California
Cameo House is a large three story Victorian building located at 16th and Guerrero in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District that houses 11 homeless mothers and their children.
Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering
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New York, New York
MISSION CHPC's mission, since 1937, is to advance practical public policies by better understanding New York City's most pressing housing and neighborhood needs across the five boroughs.
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